November Already!!

I cannot believe that it is 11-1-11 already!  Time just seems to be flying by!!  Here in Costa Rica, November marks the beginning of summer and the end to winter!  So hopefully, things will start to dry up and the sun will start to come out more!!  This was not the case last year!  It stayed cold and rainy through December!  But I have hope that this summer will be different!  As many of you celebrated Halloween or Reformation day yesterday in the States, here in Costa Rica, it was just another day!  Neither are celebrated here!  I was able to find a pumpkin Saturday at PriceSmart in Zapote!  So we painted it and perhaps tonight or tomorrow we will take the seeds out and roast them and make a pumpkin pie!!  I had a picture to post of our painted pumpkin, but I have forgotten my camera!

When I think of November, I think of a time of giving thanks!  This is a wonderful time for the history of the USA to give thanks to God!  Living outside of the USA makes me especially thankful for being a citizen of the greatest nation!  Looking back over the last year, we have so much to be thankful for!  Last year on October 31st I received my 2nd infusion and was not quite completely out of pain!  However, it was to follow in a couple of weeks!!  So, although some of my pain is back, I am thankful that the Lord has me in Costa Rica where I can receive this treatment, because if I lived in the USA, this treatment would not be available to me!

Over this past year, the Lord has graciously confirmed our calling to serve in Costa Rica!  If you recall, in March of 2011 our account with Global Outreach hit rock bottom with a negative balance!  However, the Lord answered our prayers and has provided for our needs and has shown that, for now, He still wants us here!!  🙂

Also, He allowed me to complete the Cooper River Bridge walk in April!  What an amazing testimony to His goodness and working physically in my body!  If you would like to revisit that, follow this link  I am still amazed at God’s goodness and I love going back and reading that blog post in particular!!

God gave our family a special vacation day at Disney World!  It is a memory that we will always treasure!!  We could never have even hoped for something like that to happen to our family!  If you would like to reread about that, follow this link  Thanks again to Brad and Karen Boles and Disney World for allowing God to use you to bless our family!

God gave us an amazing summer of teams (ok, officially winter here, but summer in the US)!  Folks came in and worked hard in Cipreses and Santa Rosa and God continues to bless their efforts!  We now have the beginnings of churches in both towns!!  Praise the Lord!  And they are led by Ticos!!  God has grown and blessed this mission here on Irazu tremendously over this past year!  We have watched Him call His people to Him and transform them by His saving grace!  To read about one of these in particular follow this link  Again, this is one of my favorites to go back and read!

And God opened the door for our kids to be in school!  They started school in late July and have loved it!!  They have made special friends and their Spanish has improved greatly!!

And that brings us to now!!  A year from last October 31st!  And all I can say is Thank you Lord for all that you do and have done for our family!!

Psalm 9:1-3

New International Version

 1 I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; 
   I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. 
2 I will be glad and rejoice in you; 
   I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.

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